Subsidiary Companies

Subsidiary Companies

The organizing firms that ROTA SA is a shareholder.

Subsidiary Companies

Fashion News

FASHION NEWS A.E. is one of the biggest organisers in Greece with many years of experience in its field and in particular for the fashion industry, since 1991.

For more information visit Fashion News corporate website


The technical exhibitions are under the umbrella of Texpo SA. A leader exhibition organiser in its field.

Medexpo S.A.

Medexpo S.A. was established in Athens, Greece in 2002. Today it is one of the most dynamic companies in Greece organizing trade exhibitions in the sector of material, wood and new technologies.

Expo One

The Organising Company of the Athens Boat Show.

Subsidiary Companies Abroad

Rota Exhibitions Uk

Based in London.

Visit us at

Rota Exhibitions Middle East

Based in Qatar.

Rota Exhibitions Turkey

Based in Istanbul.

Medexpo Egypt

Based in Cairo.